GTA V Tips & Tricks

GTA V for Android

Welcome to the fictional city of Los Santos, San Andreas, strongly based on Los Angeles, California. This is the setting for popular title — GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5), the latest installment to the Grand Theft Auto Series.
There are many past times and activities to pursue in this expansive world. Furthermore, we are here to dissect some of the features and elements within Los Santos. This way, you (the player) can enjoy the city and all of its glory.
Some of these are exploits within the game and manipulations to help make the experience more amusing and convenient. Ready? Let’s get right into the action.

Mark your favorite spots

GTA V full map

First, and most importantly is to get acquainted with the city you’ll be spending your time in GTA Five. Los Santos isn’t too big of a world to get to know. Likewise, there are a variety of different stops and shops to get familiar with as well.
It helps to mark your preferred locations, whether they be for entertainment, or spots with useful items.
Some interesting activities are: golf, yoga, darts, hunting, racing, parachuting, taxi driving, and blowing money at the strip club. Once you find your ideal spots, just mark them on the map for safekeeping. This way, you won’t forget where to find your favorite pastime.
Additionally, check out some noteworthy locations, including:

  • The Bolingbroke Penitentiary prison. Here, you may find some cons attempting to jack your ride.
  • At the peak of Mount Chilliad, you’ll find 2 dirt bikes and a parachute for the taking. This is also home to the cannibalistic, Altruist Cult
  • Based off the HOLLYWOOD Hills, it’s VINEWOOD. Here, you can enjoy the scenery from atop the letters or the amphitheater, Vinewood Bowl.
  • The Maze Bank is located in Pillbox hill. Here, they have the bank as well as the Maze Bank Arena, home of the local baseball team.
  • Last are the grounds of Los Santos Airport. Test your piloting skills with one of the planes here.

Know the characters

GTA V Characters

Next, you should understand each character and their individual strengths and abilities within GTA Five. There are three protagonists within the story that can be freely switched between, once they’ve been unlocked.

The characters

Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) has a dark past in GTA Five, left behind while he lives under witness protection. Eventually, his past demons come back to haunt and spiral him back into his life of crime.
His special ability, Area Kill allows Michael to temporarily slow time and wreak havoc during shootouts.

Franklin Clinton

The second protagonist in GTA Five is Franklin Clinton, the South Los Santos gangbanger. He gets introduced into the story attempting to repossess Michael De Santos’s son’s car. This is where he begins his friendship and partnership with Michael.
Franklin is the youngest of the protagonists and the most physically adept. He is also able to slow time when driving, for better control and handling. This makes sense, considering he has the most experience in cars.

Trevor Phillips

Finally, the last member of the squad and Michael’s ex crime partner is Trevor Phillips. He tracks down Michael after hearing of his resurgence in criminal behavior.
His special ability is invulnerability, allowing Franklin to tank additional damage before dying, such as trains, cars and cannons. He also gains a special melee attack while using this ability.

Character tips

There are a multitude of exploits within GTA V, relating to characters. Here are a few GTA V cheats associated with the Character Wheel.

  • Remove and damage done to your vehicle by instantly switching to another character on the Character Wheel. This also heals the player and removes and body damages.
  • If you switch while the Invincibility GTA V mod is active, the cheat will disable.
  • After switching, quickly switching back will find your character doing something in relation to their last state before switching. This can be manipulated to get certain tasks done by one character, while controlling another.