Learn how to make the best defenses for your Minecraft base without sacrificing functionality or convenience!

If you have ever spent enough time painstakingly building a base you are proud of in Minecraft Hardcore Mode, then you have probably felt the cold sting of loss that accompanies your final moments as the world is viciously ripped apart around you. The monstrosities of Minecraft all have their individual quirks, making defending against all of them a tall task. Building a defensible base is the most vital step you can take towards surviving in such a harsh world.

Have you ever had your door torn down by a group of vicious Zombies? They let all the other baddies in with them! By following these incredible base building tips for Minecraft, you’ll never have to worry about finding another Creeper in your home again.

You can build a base that defends itself with nothing more than these nine clever building tricks.

Minecraft game

Minecraft game

Find the Perfect Spot to Build Your Minecraft Base

Before you begin building your base, it is important to consider where to make it. Digging into the side of a mountain may sound like a good idea and all, but the shadow of that mountain could harbor untold dangers that catch you unaware. Building on top of a mountain would be nice and safe, but you would have to climb up and down every time you wanted to accomplish something away from home.

When looking for a place to settle down, it is a good idea to search for wide-open areas, like:

  • On top of a Hill (Plateaus are particularly nice)
  • Near the Ocean
  • The bottom of a Valley
  • The Plains
  • Completely Underground
  • An Entire Island

It is also not a bad idea to settle down near the edge of a few biomes if you can help it, though it is not as important as finding a defensible position. There are a few places that are important to avoid when building your base:

  • Dense Forests
  • Under a Mountain
  • Under Huge Natural Structures
  • Anywhere with excessive amounts of shade

If there are trees near where you want to build, cut them all down. Living under the shade of anything only increases your chances of being blindsided when leaving your house. Bring out the sun and let it burn away the remnants of that night-time partying!

Minecraft tips

Minecraft tips

Build Your Base With Resistant Materials

As tempting as wood is for building in Minecraft, it should never be used as the main material for your home. This may seem like a no-brainer if you are playing on an SMP server with other people, but there are plenty of natural dangers in the world that won’t hesitate to destroy all of your efforts if they can find a point of weakness.

Cobblestone is an excellent base material to use early on, despite being rather ugly. It will not catch on fire when lightning decides to strike your home, and Creepers will have a hard time trying to blast it away. Double the walls up for extra blast protection!

The hole you are hiding in to safely build your base is easy enough to quarry stone from as needed. You could even elect to connect your hidey-hole to your base for use as a custom mineshaft later on.

Line Your Minecraft Base With Glass Panes

Put windows around the entire perimeter of your base. Being aware of the environment you’re about to step out into is crucial. You could save yourself entirely from the next Creeper hug if you are aware of it.

It is even better if you make your windows out of Glass Panes, which are thin and do not take up the full space of the block. Spiders attempting to climb the heights of your house are utterly thwarted simply by Glass Panes, effectively eliminating the need for a lip on your roof.

Putting a lip on your roof only encourages monsters to hide under it. Make those beasties search for their own shade, don’t make their lives easier!

Minecraft gameplay

Minecraft gameplay

Place Plenty of Torches

You may think your base has enough light, but what will you do when you round a corner to come face to face with a Skeleton who managed to take over your house while you were away? Nobody wants to come home to a monster in their bed.

A monster can spawn as near as 7 blocks away from a single torch. If you think about it, that really isn’t that far away. To keep the baddies on the outside, just make sure you place your torches within about 7 – 14 blocks of each other in any given direction.

It might also be wise to surround the outside of your base with well-spaced torches to keep the monsters from spawning too close to your home!

how to play Minecraft

How to play Minecraft

Keep Out Zombies!

If you are playing Minecraft in Hardcore or on Hard Difficulty, you’ll have noticed that Zombies can bust down your door in a moment’s notice. There are a few things you can do to get around this.

  • Craft an Iron Door and put Buttons on either side.
  • Use extendable Pistons as a doorway.
  • Build a patio and close it off with a Fence Gate
  • Put a Wooden Door in sideways so that ‘opening’ it really closes it.

So it really seems like Zombies are only capable of breaking down ‘closed’ wooden doors. For some unknown reason, Zombies refuse to attack Fence Gates either, so staying behind a few of those seems to keep you well away from harm. Of course, if neither of those methods suits your fancy and you’re still too cheap for an Iron Door, Pistons are always a nice substitute.

With these new base building tips for Minecraft under your belt, you will never have to worry about any surprise attacks inside or nearby your house again.