Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is proof that the series has outgrown the notion of a single-player campaign


Last year’s Band of Brothers-inspired trek from Normandy to Berlin was a spectacular send-off for COD story missions, but their replacement – a battle royale mode called Blackout – marks a new pinnacle for the 15-year-old series, one that’s matched by the most competitive Multiplayer offering yet, and a Zombies experience that’s rich and vibrant right from launch day.
Black Ops 4 features the most tactical, team-based Multiplayer experience in the series, the biggest Day One Zombies offering with three different adventures, and of course Blackout, the all-new battle royale mode that brings the Black Ops universe to life with fan-favorite characters, iconic locations, and the biggest map in Call of Duty history. In fact, it’s so big that it includes land, sea and air vehicles!

For Multiplayer, the Pick 10 system is back, along with innovations with weapons, combat flow, player movement, and health regeneration. Specialists, both new and returning operators, are back and they each have their own unique weaponry and equipment. Be sure to check out the Specialists HQ in Multiplayer where you can learn about each Specialist and get hands-on intel about their special equipment and weapons.
Black Ops 4 will debut the biggest Day One Zombies offering in franchise history. Players will have access to three fully-featured Zombies experiences at launch: IX, Voyage of Despair, and Blood of the Dead. With immersive new adventures and a brand-new cast of characters, Black Ops 4 Zombies features the deep gameplay and easter eggs that the community is so passionate about. Additionally, it is more customizable than ever before, with new systems for creating and completing challenges, social systems designed to connect players, adjustable difficulty levels, and an in-game tutorial to help onboard players who are new to the Zombies universe. What a way to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the original Call of Duty Zombies, we can’t wait to play!
What is Blackout, the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royale mode?

Blackout is a Battle Royale mode in the same vein as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, but with a Call of Duty twist.

We know that:
80 players per match will be supported – with a tease it could increase in future
The Blackout map will feature locations inspired by maps from across the series, and will be 1,500 times bigger than Nuketown
Characters from across the series, including the original Call of Duty Zombies Origins, will be available
Weapons and equipment from across the series will return
Blackout will feature land, air and sea vehicles
The ability to battle either solo, duos or in teams

The Black Ops pass – the games form of season pass – will offer four exclusive characters

So far, so good. However, what we don’t know is:
Whether progression between standard multiplayer and Zombies will carry over into Blackout in some way.
Though you have to “scavenge” to win, exactly how much the already-tweaked looting system has changed since the beta, if at all.
How unlocking and playing as classic characters will work.
Whether classic Call of Duty tenants – such as kill streaks – will feature at all.
What is the Black Ops 4 Blackout map size and what does it feature?

The Blackout map features a variety of locations from across the series, including:

Construction Site
Nuketown Island
Cargo Docks
Firing Range
Fracking Tower
Train Station
Hyrdo Dam
The Blackout map will be 1,500 times larger than Black Ops fan-favourite location Nuketown. One Call of Duty player, Drift0r, has used the power of mathematics to find out, calculating the size of Black Ops 3’s Nuketown map and multiplying it 1,500 times. The result? That Blackout’s map will come in under the size of Fortnite’s map.
Of course, that’s just an estimate, and if you’re a PUBG player, that comparison is a little more difficult, but expect it to come in closer in size to the new, smaller 4×4 Sanhok map than the other larger arenas – though again, the exact comparison between even PUBG and Fortnite’s settings are unclear.
Either way, it’s a play setting far larger than anything we’ve seen in Call of Duty to date.
with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, players can look forward to an active calendar of events, content and more. Remember, all new playable content comes first to PlayStation 4, including new Specialists and maps. Here is just a sampling of what’s in store for free following launch:
Nuketown: This fan-favorite map returns in November in an all-new take.

Specialists: The first of several new characters will debut in December.

Blackout: Launch day is only the start; Blackout will continue to evolve after launch with regular map updates, expansions and new Blackout modes.
Events: Seasonal, weekly, and time-limited events bringing new game modes and content to players.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now, and your hardest decision may be figuring out where to go in the game first. Whatever choice you make, we hope to see you on the field!