Fortnite Mobile has arrived

Ready to dive into action? The literal epic game brought to you by company of the same name, has returned. This time, available on the small screens in APK format. Introducing, the Fortnite APK Android edition.

Fortnite apk

That’s right, all of the action-packed, non-stop building and shoot-em-up mayhem brought from the original Battle Royale is here. Furthermore, you can take the battle alongside your daily commutes.

Can you imagine how such a renowned game became available on your portable device? It seems the transition was inevitable. Seeing as the growing popularity of the Fortnite download has reached an international peak.

Don’t be excluded from the action. Why stick with your boring Call of Duty on PS4 or Xbox One, when you can easily enjoy Fortnite APK on the go.

Fortnite Mobile

Enjoy the worldwide phenomenon in its entirety. This includes the many amazing and fun Fortnite skins and Fortnite costumes.

Never played the original Fortnite game?

To begin introducing the amazingness that is Fortnite APK, we must note the Fortnite Epic Games definitive version.

First, the concept is pretty simple. Survive alongside your team of up to 50 other players against the opposing players in an extensive open-world environment. Seems easy enough, huh?

On the contrary, the game is a lot more complex than some may believe. There are many additions to make for a fundamentally strategy based game.

Additionally, players are given many gimmicks at their disposal to ensure victory. There are an array of interesting options to choose from. These range from, ground to airborne transportation, a multitude of guns and weapons and the iconic building mechanic.

Fortnite for Mobile

Creation and destruction is the central point of gameplay within both the Fortnite APK and console versions. Break down anything physically possible into materials, which can be used later to build a variety of tools.

Maybe you need to create a ramp, adding some air into your vehicle. Incoming fire? Build yourself a wall or fort to shield yourself, staying out of harm’s way.

Regardless of the uses, anyone will find themselves relying on this nifty tool at one point or another.

Gameplay differences Between Fortnite APK and Fortnite Home editions

Controlling Fortnite APK has both similarities and difference compared to the PC and consoles versions of Fortnite Battle Royale. Being on a smaller touch device, some actions may be a little sensitive or tedious.

For instance — firing your weapons while swiftly maneuvering, or building in general. But, no need to worry about feeling surprised with a few clunky controls. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know.


Fortnite Mobile Download

First of all, walking is controlled on the left side of the screen, using a touch joypad. To this extent, you may simply need to touch and drag your finger towards the direction you wish to go. There is an instant running option.

Next is jumping and crouching. To be frank, these are both just as convenient as walking/running. Both options are located in the same general area of the screen. Being opposite of the joypad makes for nimble travels.

In conclusion, movement is by far the most accessible control. It feels very natural for a game on mobile and tablet devices. This is just what you would expect from Fortnite APK.


Now we talk about performing actions within Fortnite APK. And here is where things start to get a little out of whack. Prepare, because we have a lot to say about this.

Where to start? Well, the action button is located…on the left side of the screen.

Do you see where this is going? Take note, the joystick is found on the same side of the screen. This ultimately leads to some pretty awkward situations.

Likewise, there is no aim assist in Fortnite APK. To this fact, players are forced to manually aim their sights and fire with the same hand. Otherwise, you could rest your device on a stand and control using both hands occupying the left portion of your display.

Therefore, building suffers from the same drawbacks. With such a clunky setup, you may not be up to speed playing Fortnite APK, as you would with the PS4 or PC counterparts.

Of course, readjusting the action button towards the right side of your screen is possible, but this leads to a split-second of lag. Unfortunately, this second can be the defining factor of a gunfight. In addition, the jump-shotgun combination has become inaccessible to players.

Gameplay doesn’t feel as hindered as one might think, despite the previous mentioned issues. You can still enjoy Fortnite APK to a high-degree.

Go multi-platform with Fortnite Tracker

By far, the greatest feature offered in Fortnite APK is its multi-platform compatibility. Now, anyone from any device, console or PC can compete with one another.

After downloading the Fortnite APK, you will be prompted to log into your Epic Games account. From this point, all of your previous Fortnite stats will be transferred onto your Android or tablet.

Fortnite Download

Finally, head to your buddy’s home while he’s enjoying his battle royale on PS4. Whip out your Samsung Galaxy Note and open up your APK version of that same game and team up for precise coordinated teamwork.

Remember to check out your current rankings and stats on the Fortnite Tracker Website.

Now, bask in all of Fornite APK and all its glory. Follow the download to get started.